sajatKSP custom made guitar from 1995 with EMG81 and 89 pickups, Floyd-Rose tremolo bar, which it very accurate to this day!
Already played a couple of billion notes on it :)

enyém volt1986 USA Strato. Sold because of the tremolo bar I didn't like.

Strato small1979 USA Strat. A beautiful instrument, sounds great.

effektThe good old KORG AX300G. Half analog - half digital.

Still a versatile and usable guitar processor. Bought in 1996.

otherI used to record my musical ideas with the help of SawPROand SawStudio. Here's a picture of some tracks from  my  Mozart's Turkish March cover. I also get on with the time and use more modern softwares.

FamilyHere is my small family when they come together on a sofa. :)

Cube60  This is my small amp, a Roland Cube60.

SmallMy old Flash guitar taken apart for some soldering.
I scrabbled on it a long time ago. :)

Other: a 5-string bassguitar, a 7-string guitar, a Spanish guitar (Alvaro) and my first electric guitar, a 1992 sunburst
Strat copy (
Flash). I also have an old drumset. Sadly it's already in poor condition. Played on it too much and too violently. :)