Hi there! I’m back. This homepage has been up for 6 years with an other provider who deleted it. I reuploaded itat least what I could find. This is why some pix and stuff are missing. I’ll…… Hehe.

2008. March

I've played around with my good old Korg AX300 multieffect the other day. These are factory presets. Here's the sound sample.

2007. winter

It was love at first sight. I'm a proud owner of this vintage baby. It's a 1982 Westbury Standard from the famous Matsumoko factory. Amazing sound, well coloured tone, full mahoganygood pickups. Looks cool, plays cool, 'nuff said. :) Btw, it's my 7th guitar but the 1st with 22 frets. I've put it on youtube.

2007. summer

We have fiddled with the circuits of two of my guitars. I didn't need the tone knob in my KSP, it became a volume one so the guitar now has 2 independent volume knobs. Whoa! In the seven-string guitar we finally have installed better quality pickups I had bought 6 months earlier. I'm really happy with the result, this DiMarzio kicks a$$. Here's a short example how it sounds on the Cube, in line, raw version: Bang!


2007. midMarch :)

I've wanted to play the piano for a long time. This wish seems to be fulfilled as a friend brought me a used Yamaha DGX-205 keyboard. He bought it for me about 2 months ago but he didn't come home and the sheer size would have made it difficult to carry it any other way than by car. It's perfect for my needs.


2007. Jan. 17

Finally, I got my Strat back after a month. I gave it to a well-known craftsman who spends all his time among Fender guitars. The neck needed some work as it was a bit uncomfortable. He changed the frets, polished and varnished the neck. Hooray! A picture.

2006. Dec. 8

Rest in Peace Dimebag Darrell.

2006. Dec.

The Small Etude theme is remixed, sounds much better - IMHO. Also added a really short jam to show some nice drum patterns.

2006. Nov. 17

Here's a new link, where I'm writing about actual or less actual stuffs, mostly about my music and guitars.

2006. Oct.

I'm getting to know a pro drum software and I'm learning a lot about mixing music, proportions of volumes of tracks. I've remixed some of my tunes here and added a better sounding drum track. They're far from decent but practice makes perfect. :) Check out the funky and the Cube60 themes.

2006. Sept.

I got this 7 string baby, a cheap Harley Benton. Its pickups suck (gotta replace them ASAP) but the neck is quite alright and plays well.

2006. Jan. 27

Mozart was born on this day 250 years ago.

2006. Jan.

Purchased this Roland Cube60 amp. It received good reviews. All in all it's worth the money and has some usable amp models. It fits well for home usage and for small gigs. Easy to carry. :)
Made a good bargain with the owner of hangmester.hu  ;)

2005. Sept.

Bought this 5 string bass guitar, which I call a snow shovel. :) Perfect for my home recordings. Love playing it, especially the slapping things.

2005. Aug.

I have the guitar of my dreams! A few years ago I saw it on the net. That time I was too slow, so somebody took it. I saw it again some weeks ago and this time I didn't hesitate.
A beautiful 1979 Fender Strat, ash, sunburst. Sounds awesome.

2005. Jan.

I've wanted to buy an acoustic guitar for years. There was a fine collection in my town. I could choose between two. :) Finally I bought this Alvaro. Now I wish I didn't...