You can listen to some of my guitar stuff here.


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Here is Turkish March - originally composed by W. A. Mozart - that I played and recorded in dec 2001.
It has some basic drum patterns. Not 100% accurate but kinda cool. :)
Here is one of my tunes, an instrumental one, dedicated to Jason Becker. I wrote it back in Spring 2002. The song has lots of clichés but still I enjoy listening to it.
Here is some feel-good music from 2002, at least I like it. :)

Here is a musical idea, that recurs several times.
Here is a riff where I only used the pre-amplifier of my Cube60.
Here you can check out the sound of my Strat.
Here I go a bit funky. Gotta practice more on the bass, though. :)
Here is some fun music created with Fruity LoopsThink  twice  before listening!

Here is a short video where I jam a bit on a loop. It stops abruptly 'cause my camera run out of memory.
Here is an other video. Some Battery cover from Metallica.
Here is a short sound check jam with a friend.